The Enlightened Man's Essential Guide

To Thriving in the
Minefield of the Modern World

Confidence | Success | Love

The book you've been waiting for, is on its way!


The Enlightened Man's Essential Guide

To Thriving
In The Minefield
Of The Modern World

Confidence | Success | Love


Do you desire more confidence, better relationships with women and to be at ease with who you are?

Do you want true freedom to be successful in the world, and fulfilled in your personal life?

Are you ready to free yourself from the
limitations of the past,
and embody your true masculine power.

Are you up for the challenge?

I invite you to become the

Are you ready to re-wire your mind to create the success and fulfilment you desire, and the wellbeing you deserve?

What we're doing here is different. It puts you in control of your true power, and frees you from hidden obsolete programming that is blocking your success.

It's based on 20 years of my research into the subconscious mind.


History has given us a very poor benchmark for male power - one which shows that 'might is right'. Yet this does not serve men in the 21st century. Discover how to free yourself from those obsolete patterns, and replace them with your own unique male power based on inspiration, support, profound understanding and the best model of leadership.


Competition, fathers & hierarchy. These things undermine you without you realising it, and prevent you owning your full power, freedom and excellence. Our old patterning was all about measuring ourselves against others - this does nothing but stifle all that you can be. It's time to free yourself from those old restraints, and discover how magnificent you can truly be.


How do you take your relationships to the next level of fulfilment? How do you support the women in your life? How do you fit into a world of equality and independent women, and feel your true masculine value at the same time? Discover the game-changing answers!

The Old Power Circuit

Here's the challenge - we are all plugged into an old power circuit. One based on the hierarchies of the past.

This undermines us, subconsciously, creating inner conflict, exacerbates bias, places a limit on what we can do, and it blocks true connection, trust and intimacy in our relationships.

The key to truly embodying all you are capable of, and creating a fulfilling life is to re-power yourself.

Literally change that flow of power between you and the world.

I'm Dr Anne Whitehouse, former engineer, an author, Power Alchemist, and specialist in the subconscious mind, with a PhD in Metallurgy. I've spent over 2 decades analysing the deep hidden patterns that undermine men and women - that keep us from truly stepping into our full power, and limit what we can achieve.

The world is full of women's empowerment - a subject dear to my heart - but this is only half the story. My research showed a much bigger picture. A picture of subconscious reactions and an obsolete power dynamic that supports neither women nor men.

This old dynamic contributes to imposter syndrome, relationship conflict, feeling not good enough, depression and anxiety.

It means that men who just use force and bullying are likely to succeed over men who are more caring, less egotistical and far more gifted, We have many examples of the worst form of male power controlling our world today.

The world needs you to change this situation by embodying the best possible masculine power.

You wouldn't expect a computer from the 1970's to run the latest software! You don't need to change who you are to align with your power, you just need to change your internal software, and this is what I will show you how to do.

In 2019 I published my bestselling book for women "Pull Back Your Power". Now I'm completing the other side of the coin! I'm now giving men the tools to free themselves from the rigid structures you have inherited, that stifle true masculine power.

AND I'm sharing the secrets of understanding women so you can enhance your relationships! Both at home and at work.

The world needs your most authentic, most enlightened male energy!

This is your time to create the new male leadership, working in complement with women.

Are you up for the challenge?

I hope that you'll join me and contribute to this book.



  • You want to be an inspiration to those around you.
  • You feel restricted or frustrated, and you know you're capable of more.
  • You want deeper relationships with the women you love, and productive relationships with your female colleagues, and to know the difference!
  • You want to acknowledge your feelings and turn them into a strength, instead of suppressing them.
  • You want to support and provide, but you don't know how this fits into the modern world of equality.
  • You desire clarity, self-assuredness, and a deep recognition of your true value as a man.
  • You're open to a new way of looking at life.

However, it's not for you if...

  • You believe that force is the best way.
  • You buy into a patriarchal model for society and relationships.
  • You aren't ready to take responsibility 100% for your life.


Currently being written!

The book gives you the insight and tools to really choose what you want, and set yourself up for the success YOU desire and deserve - free of the old restraints that have told men what they 'have to be', and the old limits. You'll discover the inside knowledge of how both men and women work subconsciously, so you can enrich your relationships, and inspire those around you.


I invite you to be part of this book, and contribute to the final stages.

This simply means giving me your feedback, and sharing what resonates with your experiences.

If you'd like to contribute to what will help many men like you get more out of life, all you need to do is sign up by clicking the link below.

What's more - if you decide to contribute - you'll receive an exclusive bonus when the book is published.



Two of the first people to read my first book - the one for women - were in fact men! Their reaction was very similar.

"I had no idea this was the case. You must write the book for men now!"

And so here we are two years down the line. The pandemic has added a whole new layer of stress, uncertainty and insecurity to our lives, and men need tools of empowerment more than ever.

The RE-POWER book for men will provide the missing keys to success, fulfilment and wellbeing. When you become the Master Architect of your mind, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

One to One Transformation

If you are someone who is ready to take true responsibility, and wants to be free of past traumas and limitations, then you can apply to work with me one to one.

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RE-POWER your life!